Aquaponics Lecture Notes

8) November 14th-Biology of Fish: website upload biology of fish

7) October 23rd and 26th-Water Quality Lecture: Water Quality Lecture upload

6) October 20th: Plant Evolution: Plant Evolution

5) October 11th-Photosynthesis: Photosynthesis

4) October 3rd-Flower Reproduction: flower reproduction 2014

3) October 3rd-Plant Structure: Plant Structure 2014 website

2) September 24th-Nitrogen Cycle: nitrogen cycle

1) September 17th-Intro to Aquaponics: website Intro to Aquaponics

16) May 11th: soil intro

15) April 20th: PlantPropagation website

14) April 14th: Permaculture

13) March 23rd-Intro to Pests Lecture: Intro to Pests

12) March 11th-Genetic Engineering Lecture: Genetic Engineering

11) March 2nd-Sustainable Agriculture: Sustainable Food Overview PPT

10) February 17th-Conventional Agriculture: Conventional Agriculture Overview PPT

9) February 5th-Global Perspectives: Global Perspectives Overview 2015