Aquaponics Class Documents

IGNORE BULLET POINTS. Most recent (top) to older (bottom). 

November 22nd:

  • End of the line

November 21st:

November 17th-18th:

  • Living Downstream debate: (emailed)
  • Living Downstream Debate and Presentations

November 7th-16th:

November 3rd:

  • Finish Water Lecture online
  • Pre lab for Chicago River Stream Analysis

November 2nd:

  • Plants
  • Water Quality Lecture Part 1 (under Aquaponics lecture)

November 1st:

October 31st:

  • Pumpkin Carving

October 27th and 28th:

October 26th:

  • Quarter 1 Exam

October 25th:

  • Leaf/Tree Scavenger Hunt and Study Guide (emailed)

October 24th:

  • Binders DUE and Maintenance

October 21st:

  • Study Guide Emailed

October 20th:

October 19th:

  • PSAT testing and plant crossword

October 18th:

  • Evolution timeline cards
  • Aquaponics Quiz #3

October 17th:

  • Leaf Scavenger Hunt

October 14th:

October 13th:

  • Leaf identification and plants in aquaponics class (SHARED ON DRIVE)
  • Leaf coloring (hard copy only)

October 11th:

October 7th:

October 6th:

  • Maintenance

October 4th and 5th:

October 3rd:

  • Plant Structure lecture (under Aquaponics tab)

September 26th:

September 23rd:

September 22nd:

  • Nitrogen Lecture (look under Aquaponics lecture notes)
  • BR and ES

September 20th:

September 19th:

  • Set up drives and tasks
  • Quiz 1! Make up quiz if you missed
  • NO HW

September 16th:

  • Quiz!!!!!!!!
  • HW:
    • Finish Letter for Monday!

September 15th:

September 14th:

September 13th:

  • Rip-o-Meter Lab Day 2 (see below)
  • HW:
    • Finish Rip-O-Meter Lab

September 12th:

September 9th:

  • Beginning of the year survey: Aqua Beginning of Year Survey
  • Weekly Plant Check: WEEKLY PLANT CHECK
  • Maintenance Tasks (come see me for these)
  • Hand-washing directions (come see me for these)
  • HW:
    • Binder check on Monday and Objectives Due Monday

September 8th:

September 7th:

September 6th:

February 26th:

  • Lab Maintenance (make up if absent)

February 24th and 25th:

February 23rd:

February 22nd:

February 19th: 

  • Quiz and Lab Maintenance

February 18th:

  • Conventional Lecture (under Aquaponics Lecture Tab)
  • Bellringer and Exit Slip

February 16th and 17th:

February 11th and 12th:

February 9th and 10th:

  • Chapter 2 Reading Guide: Chapter 2 Reading Guide (stamped)
  • Global Perspectives Lecture-Under Aquaponics Lecture Tab (BR)

February 8th:

  • 4 corners for population growth (BR)

January 11th-January 29th:

  • Build a mini Aquaponic System:

January 7th and 8th:

  • Group lesson for assigned chapter, rough draft for Aquaponic system, and project research.

January 6th:

  • Build a mini Aquaponic System + Jan calendar + rubric:
  • Group lesson for assigned chapter

January 5th:

  • Rough Draft of Design of Aquaponic System

January 4th:

December 18th:

  • Lab Maintenance

December 17th: 

  • Fish Dissection Practical

December 15th and 16th:

  • Fish External and Internal Dissection: (one per group)

December 14th:

  • End of the line

December 11th:

  • Aqua Quiz #5 (make up if absent)
  • Lab Maintenance

December 10th:

December 9th:

  • Propagation lecture and Nutrition Reading: Took notes

December 8th:

December 7th:

  • Overfishing webquest: Check email (shared it)

December 4th:

  • Fish Family and Quiz #5!
  • Lab Maintenance (make up if absent)

December 3rd:

December 2nd:

December 1st:

November 30th:

  • Great Lakes Fish Activity (come see me to make this up)

November 23rd and 24th:

November 19th:

  • Lab Maintenance


November 2nd and 3rd:

October 30th:

  • Quiz #4 and Lab Maintenance



May 15th:

  • Check Mint and Lab Maintenance (make up if absent)
  • Soil Quiz

May 13th and 14th:

May 12th:

May 11th:

  • Intro to soil lecture (check lecture notes)
  • Finish propagation

May 8th:

May 5th-7th:

April 30th:

April 29th:

April 27th:

  • Work on Project

April 23rd:

  • Quiz and Maintenance

April 14th-17th:

April 13th:

March 31st-April 2nd:

  • Wrapping up Quarter 3!

March 27th:

March 26th:

March 25th:

March 23rd:

March 19th:

March 18th:

March 16th:

March 11th-16th:

March 10th:

  • GMO lecture (under Aquaponics lecture tab)

March 9th:

  • Modified Food Continuum

March 6th:

  • Quiz (make up if absent)
  • Lab maintenance

March 4th and 5th:

March 2nd:

  • Sustainable Lecture (under Aquaponics lecture tab)

February 24th: