Class documents and HW

You will be able to find all documents, labs, worksheets, handouts, HW etc under this tab. It will always go from most recent (on top) to old documents (on bottom).  IGNORE BULLET POINTS

March 15th:

  • Gattaca Sheet (Stamped)
  • March Calendar (under calendar tab)
  • Homework Packet #6 Cover Page

March 11th + 14th:

March 10th:

  • Breeding Bunnies

March 8th:

  • Genetics Test

March 7th:

  • Genetic Disorder Presentations (notes in lecture section)

March 4th:

  • Work on Genetic Project

March 3rd:

  • Work on Genetic Project

March 2nd:

  • Work on Genetic Project

March 1st:

February 29th:

February 25th:

February 24th:

  • Pedigrees and Sex-Linked Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Harry Potter Pedigree Basics: Potter Family Tree

February 23rd:

  • Genetics Quiz!!! (Make up if absent)

February 19th:

February 18th:

  • Go over handouts

February 17th:

February 12th and 16th:

February 11th:

  • Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses (under lecture tab)

February 10th:

February 9th:

February 8th:

  • Meiosis Practice Sheet: MEIOSIS coloring activity (stamped)
  • New Hall Pass (come see me)
  • Meiosis Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • February Calendar (under calendar tab)

February 3rd and 4th:

January 29th:

  • Mutations and review

January 28th:

  • Unit 4 Test and review

January 27th:

  • Unit 4 Test and review

January 25th and 26th:

January 22nd:

January 21st:

  • Finish Transcription Lecture
  • DNA review handout: Hard Copy
  • Transcription Handouts: mRNA transcript practice
  • HW:
    • Finish Handouts
    • Work on HW packet

January 20th:

  • Start Transcription Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • HW:
    • Work on HW packet

January 19th:

  • Hard Copy: Simulation of DNA Replication (pick up from absent folder)

January 15th:

January 14th:

  • DNA bellringer: Bellringer
  • DNA Replication Lecture (under Lecture tab)

January 13th:

January 12th:

January 11th:

  • DNA review handout: DNA intro review
  • DNA structure Part 1 and 2 Lecture (look under lecture tab)

January 8th:

January 7th:

January 6th:

  • Unit 3 Test! (make up if absent)

January 5th:

January 4th:

  • Active Transport sheet: Active Transport Review
  • Active Transport Lecture (look under lecture tab)
  • January Calendar: look under Calendar Tab
  • HW:
    • Homework Packet #3 Due tomorrow
    • Study for Test
    • Finish Active Transport

December 18th:

  • Osmosis Practice: 2014 Osmosis Practice
  • HW:
    • Work on HW packet
    • Finish Egg Osmosis Lab
    • Osmosis Practice (3 sheets, back to back)

December 17th:

December 16th:

December 15th:

  • Passive Transport (Diffusion and Osmosis) Lecture (look under lecture tab) (BR)

December 14th:

December 11th:

  • Unit 3 Quiz 2 (make up if absent)
  • HW:
    • Work on hw packet

December 10th:

December 9th:

December 8th:

December 7th:

  • Work on
  • HW:
    • Work on handouts and homework packet (due December 8th)

December 4th:

December 3rd:

  • Prokaryote reading and labeling: prokaryote worksheet
  • Cell Structure Part 1 Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • HW:
    • Finish Prokaryote Handout

December 2nd:

  • Unit 3 Quiz 1! (make up if absent)

December 1st:

November 30th:

  • Macromolecule Lecture (look under lecture tab)-Br (ALL)
  • HW:
    • HW packet DUE tomorrow

November 23rd and 24th:

  • Water World Lab: short-version-2014-Water-World-Lab-STUDENT-COPY
  • Water Lecture (look under lecture tab)-BR
  • HW:
    • Finish Vocab for Tuesday-24th.
    • Work on Water World Lab over thanksgiving break
    • Work on HW packet (due Tuesday) over thanksgiving break

November 20th:

November 18th:

November 17th:

November 16th:

November 12th:

  • Midterm! Last day of Quarter 1

November 10th:

November 9th:

  • Working on data Analysis and Digestive system
  • HW:
    • Digestive system DUE Tuesday
    • Data Analysis DUE Thursday

November 6th:

November 5th:

November 3rd and 4th:

November 2nd:

October 30th:

  • Work on Diagrams
  • Work on Project
  • HW:
    • Hw packet due Monday

October 29th:

October 28th:

  • Respiratory and Circulatory Lecture (under lecture notes)
  • HW:
    • Hw packet due Monday
    • Senses lab due tomorrow

October 27th:

  • Homeostasis and Nervous System Exam (make up if absent)

October 26th:

October 23rd:

  • Senses Lab: human-senses-lab
  • HW:
    • Work on HW packet
    • Finish senses lab Day 1 part

October 22nd:

  • Nervous System Part 3 (under lecture tab): Please fill out last slide of Power Point (Exit Slip)
  • Nervous System Part 4 (under lecture tab): Please fill out last slide of Power Point (Exit Slip)
  • HW:
    • Work on HW packet

October 21st:

October 20th:

  • Nervous system part 1: Communication Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Nervous system part 2: Nervous System Part 2
  • HW:
    • Work on HW packet

October 19th:

October 16th:

  • Homeostasis Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Today’s Exit Slip:
    • Explain the following: Homeostasis, positive feedback (explain and example), negative feedback (explain and example), vasodilation, vasoconstriction, piloerection, stomata, and guard cells
  • HW:
    • Work on HW packet

October 15th:

  • BR and BOY testing

October 14th:

  • PSAT
  • HW:
    • Finish Cell Specialization (has backside)-DUE THURSDAY
    • Work on HW packet

October 13th:

October 9th:

  • Pep Rally Day!
  • HW:
    • HW packet section due Tuesday!

October 8th:

  • Finished the Human Body
  • Levels concept map:(Grab hard copy)
  • Levels of Organization (Grab hard copy)
  • Levels of Organization Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • HW:
    • Lab Report: DUE FRIDAY OCT 9th
    • Work on HW packet

October 7th:

October 6th:

October 5th:

  • Worked on lab report
  • HW:
    • Keep working on lab report: DUE FRIDAY OCT 9th

October 2nd:

  • Worked on lab report
  • HW:
    • Keep working on lab report: DUE FRIDAY OCT 9th

October 1st:

  • Performed the actual Insulation lab (please get data from group)
  • HW:
    • Finish the rest of the lab packet (keep in mind it is a rough draft, does not have to be perfect at this point)

September 30th:

September 29th:

  • Quiz 2! (make up if you were absent)
  • HW:
    • Graphing #3 and #4 due Wednesday

September 28th:

  • Procedure practice and More graphing
  • HW:
    • Study for quiz!
    • Homework packet due tomorrow!
    • Graphing #3 and #4 due Wednesday

September 25th:

  • Graphing Exercise #2: graphing
  • HW:
    • Check your EMAIL!!!

September 24th:

  • BR-1st, went over sponge bob and beri beri
  • Graphing Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Graphing Guidelines: Guideline for Line Graphs
  • Graphing Exercise #1: Graphing Exercise #1
  • HW:
    • 1st and 3rd period- Do Graphing Exercise #1
    • 2nd period- Do the Beri Beri Handout
    • Work on HW packet

September 23rd:

  • BR-, went over hypothesis and shell
  • Simpson and Sponge Bob Variables: simpson variable
  • HW:
    • Finish Sponge Bob
    • Beri Beri hand out – hard copy only, please get from folder if absent
    • Work on HW packet

September 22nd:

  • BR, Hypothesis Practice: Hypothesis Practice WS
  • Scientific Method Diagram (hard copy only)-get from missing assignment folder
  • Scientific method lecture (under lecture tab)
  • HW:
    • Finish shell lab
    • Hypothesis handout
    • Work on HW packet

September 21st:

September 18th:

  • Black Box Activity: The Black Box
  • Prefix Quiz-1st and 3rd period
  • HW:
    • Study for prefix quiz-2nd period
    • Finish Black Box and Is It Alive questions
    • Work on HW packet

September 17th:

  • Characteristics of Life Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • “Is it alive?” handout: Mini-Lab 1- Is It Alive_
  • BR – 1st and 3rd
  • HW:
    • Study for prefix quiz
    • Work on HW packet

September 16th:

  • Quiz 1! On metric system and equipment. Please come see me if you need to make the quiz up!
  • To access gradebook, go to the following website and log in:

September 15th:

  • Scientific Processes-Tools and Measurements Lab Day 2 (Look below)
  • Started Prefix, Root Words, and Suffixes Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • BR
  • HW:
    • Study for quiz
    • Work on HW packet

September 14th:

September 11th:

  • Metric System lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Metric System Practice as a class handout: Metric Practice as a Class
  • Metric System Practice at home handout: Metric System
  • BR
  • HW:
    • Binder check Monday
    • Finish Metric System sheet

September 10th:

  • BR, Lab Safety and Equipment lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Lab Function Sheet: File is too big (check missing assignment folder)
  • HW:
    • Policy Sheet and Safety Contract Signed by Friday (Sept 11)
    • Bring Binder by Monday (Sept 14)
    • Finish Lab Function Sheet

September 9th:

September 8th:

June 18-19th:

  • Binder Check and End of the Year stuff

June 15th-17th:

  • Final Exams

June 12th:

  • Ecology Test!!!!

June 11th:

June 9th – 10th:

June 8th:

June 4th:

June 3rd: 

  • Chemical Cycles Lecture (under lecture tab)-Last slide EXIT SLIP

June 2nd:

June 1st:

Biome Climate (ignore last page): Biome Research RainfallClimate

May 29th:

May 28th:

May 27th:

  • Service Learning Outreach Party, Reach EOY, and Paradise

May 26th:

May 7th-21st:

  • Articles (see below)
  • Google earth
  • Pages in packet, outside and working on action plan

May 6th:

May 5th:

  • Unit 7 Exam!!!

April 30th and May 1st:

April 29th:

April 27th and 28th:

  • Cellular Respiration in Detail Handout: Cellular-Respiration-Handout
  • Cellular Respiration in Detail (under lecture tab)
  • Exit Slip-Period 4 and 6

April 24th:

April 23rd:

  • Plant and Photosynthesis Quiz

April 22nd:

  • Overview of Cellular Respiration (under lecture tab)

April 21st:

April 20th:

April 17th:

April 16th:

April 14th:

April 13th:

March 30th-April 2nd:

  • End of Quarter 3!!!

March 26th and 27th:

March 25th:

  • Evolution Quiz (make up if absent)

March 23rd and 24th:

March 19th and 20th:

  • Modes of Natural Selection: Differential Selection
  • Speciation (Macroevolution) Lecture (under lecture tab)
  • Pocket Mouse Lab Day 2

March 18th:

March 16th and 17th: