2012 Was Without a Doubt Hyundai’s Year

The company’s name means “modern” in Korean, and this company is known the world over as the Hyundai Group. This was founded by Chung Ju-yung in the year 1947 as a construction company, and was once become South Korea’s biggest conglomerate. Come 2003, the company was then split into five business entities Hyundai MP that included the Hyundai Motor Group, the Hyundai Group, the Hyundai Department Store Group, and the Hyundai Development Group. However, before this split up came about, Hyundai had several major areas of activity that comprised of shipbuilding, car manufacture, construction, retailing, finance, and electronics. This conglomerate is known for the manufacturing of motor vehicles in several countries with the United States as a market for these cars that the company produces.

The Hyundai Motor Company became South Korea’s largest car manufacturer and ranked seventh in the list of the world’s largest car makers in 2003. This company has a tagline attached to it says, “Drive your way.” Its logo is quite symbolic of the company’s desire to expand. It has an ovaloid shape that denotes the company’s global expansion, and it also has the slanted and stylized letter H that could mean a symbolism of two people shaking hands.

Looking at popular culture, the Hyundai has been part of this. In one episode of The Simpsons, there was one reference to the “H” logo of the Hyundai that Principal Skinner had stolen from one of the bullies in their community. Also, in a Family Guy, there have been several references to the Hyundai. Some of the dialogues refer to it, the Black Knight stating, “Get back in the Hyundai!” and an announcement over the announce booth that says, “The owner of a blue Hyundai, your car is being towed.”

Hyundai would not receive any place in the list of the largest car manufacturers if not for their exquisite attention to detail. As part of a Hyundai vehicle, Hyundai grilles have certainly held that Hyundai trademark all on its own. The Hyundai grille is an opening in the bodywork of a vehicle that has the capability to allow air to enter. Most of these vehicles have a grille located in the front end so as to allow air to flow over the radiator, thus cooling the engine compartment. However, Hyundai grilles could also be placed and installed below the front bumper, in the front of the wheels for serving the purpose of cooling the brakes, or even on the rear deck lid if the vehicle has its engine mounted at the back.