25 Different Types of Gutters The Complete List

Water that isn’t directed away from the foundation can end up in the basement. Water damage and mold growth in the basement may signify that the gutters are clogged or corroded. Splash blocks, which can be placed underneath a downspout, keep water from pooling around the foundation of the house by guiding the flow away from the building. A downspout screen blocks leaves and other debris from getting into the downspout opening and causing clogs. Wet roofs and ladders are dangerous, so plan your project for a dry day and postpone if there’s unexpected rain or wind. Measure the distance from your roofline to the ground, plus at least 4 feet for a gutter extension. If you’re doing a simple repair or replacing your gutters with an identical set, you only need to measure your existing gutters.

The steeper the roof, the more it will cost to install seamless gutters. Labor costs can increase due to the complexity and intensity of the installation. Pricing your gutter installation, consider your location, the weather, and the local economy. It will be more expensive to install gutters in locations with heavy snowfall, constant rain, higher moisture, and severe weather. Areas such as the Southwest with dryer, less intense climates will have lower operating costs than coastal or Northeastern regions. Higher-cost areas will be more expensive as taxes, labor rates, and insurance prices are amplified.

Additional Seamless Gutter Options

These types of gutters are available in vinyl or metal and can be found at nearly any home improvement center. They can also be special ordered in copper, but will cost considerably more than other alternatives. If, based on the information above, you’ve determined that your home needs rain gutters, continue reading to find out which type you should have installed. Not having gutters can lead to water running down the sides of your home and pooling in areas without drainage systems in place. When water pools around your home’s foundation, it can penetrate the foundation material and cause damage over time. Your gutter contractor will base your gutter installation cost estimate on the following factors. Vinyl is waterproof and will not corrode or rust, even in salty air.

Galvalume is another steel variety that is coated in a combination of zinc and aluminum. What results is a considerably strong metal gutter that is resistant to corrosion and damage. Galvalume gutters are built by dipping steel into liquid aluminum and zinc. Because of this, these types of gutters are a specialty variety that you can only obtain from a professional. European gutters are also known for being durable in extreme conditions, as many are made from steel, zinc, thicker aluminum, and the above-mentioned copper. However, it’s important to note that leaks can still happen at the corner joints and over the top of the system.

To get an accurate installation quote, homeowners can search online for reputable gutter installation companies in their area. Many companies have a seamless gutters cost calculator on their website to help homeowners determine the cost of seamless gutter installation. There are several types of rain gutters, and each style has its own price considerations. They hold the most water and work well with sloped roofing materials. Depending on the material, these K-shaped gutters average $3 to $25 per linear foot.

Therefore, if this scenario applies to you, your home does need gutters. Generally speaking, gutters will collect debris, leaves, and dust. However, once rain starts to fall, they quickly spring into action and collect the water coming off of your shingles. Your gutters then quickly send the water down a horizontal path to a drainpipe and, ultimately, away from your property.

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By allowing water into the gutter while shedding debris to the surrounding ground. You should also consider the gutter’s warranty before committing to a purchase. Some manufacturers and installers may provide long-term warranties, while others only provide limited warranty coverage.

When zinc gutters are first installed they appear as a dull gray color but overtime they develop an appealing patina. Though, it’s important to note that vinyl is considered the least durable of all the gutter materials. With that said, you can still expect to enjoy about 20 years’ worth of use out of vinyl gutters in a climate that isn’t too harsh. Another drawback to consider is that this material will fade over time, especially when exposed to frequent direct sunlight.

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If you’re looking for gutters that will outlive you, zinc gutters are the way to go. Zinc has a self-sealing patina that prevents scratches or cracks. Gutters alone don’t typically have a straightforward return on investment when it comes to selling your home compared to other home updates, like kitchen renovations.

Seamless aluminum gutters cost an average of $14 to $20 per linear foot installed. Before gutters are installed, any related home repairs will need to be completed. If the roof or siding is damaged, the gutter installation will need to be postponed. Roof repairs can add an additional $360 to $1,550 to the project cost depending on the type of damage.