5 Steps to Profiting from News Feeds

So, we know that there are several ways to generate traffic with news feeds. You can either attract subscribers and have repeat visitors to your site. You can use RSS feeds to grab interesting content off other people’s sites and make your website more attractive and interesting. And, you can also create and package your own RSS feeds and make them available to other people to publicize your content and bring people to your site.

So, what’s the best way to go about doing all Punwow three? Here’s a way to think about each strategy as you are starting to learn RSS feeds and how to use them:

1. Subscribe to multiple RSS aggregators,
2. Create feeds that are interesting and include them in your content,
3. Install RSS feeds on your blogs and websites, if it’s not already there,
4. Add buttons and explanations to your blogs and web pages for people to be able to subscribe to your RSS feeds,
5. Send your feeds to your friends,
6. Publicize your feeds on social networks and in your signature lines,
7. Package your own RSS feed for your content,
8. Persuade other people to use your RSS feed for their sites,
9. Syndicate the feed,
10. Submit your feeds to search engines and directories.

This type of activity can take time to set up, but once you’ve located content from other sites that is renewed frequently, the feed will update itself. Every time you update content on your site, all your subscribers will see the newest version in their news readers or be updated in email. If you get really good at working with news feeds, you can pretty much start to be the star of the show on various different websites, from social networking to mainstream sites.

You might even be able to start charging money for your feeds, especially when you go into syndication. So, RSS feeds may seem like a bit of an abnormality right now, but they are quickly becoming the only way to package your content online. If you haven’t started to use RSS feeds yet, you are already behind the eight ball, as they say. This format is becoming more and more important as the web goes mobile as RSS feeds are uniquely suited to cell phones and Blackberries. So, try to jump in now and get your feet wet because this area is set to explode and start to generate huge traffic for those with the know-how to exploit this technology.