7 Best Gymnastics Conditioning Exercises

Jumping Jacks, also known as the “Star Jump”, is an exercise that involves jumping.The challenge is to see how high the repetitions go. Also, you can do a squat once your legs are connected. Jumping Jacks make a great start to your warm-up routine Wirbelsäulengymnastik Übungen.

  1. Burpee – These are 4 count exercises.Standing straight up, get into a squat position. (count 1) Jump as high and as far as you can by raising your legs from a stand to a plank pose (count2). (count four) You can add an extra push-up to this exercise for more difficulty.
  2. Burpee Pullups– Hold a horizontal barre and do a Burpee. After you’ve completed the Burpee, grab it with your hands and pull up.Pull-ups target the main muscle group of the latissimus Dorsi.
  3. Push-up Handstand – Start by lowering your hand to as low as possible, then return to a standing position.You should do this with your back facing the wall.
  4. V-ups. Lie flat on your back with your arms above your head.Lift your arms, shoulders, and legs simultaneously to form a V position. Repeat This exercise is great for building core muscle strength. Only when the waist flex is occurring, will the rectus and obliques (the muscles that support your core) contract strongly. This means that you should focus your abdominal movements and not attempt to swing your arms, shoulders or back to perform the exercise. No cheating!
  5. Squat jumping – Bend your back so that your fingers touch the floor and then spring jump to a stretched position.During the squat phase, your heels should be on the floor. This exercise will work the glutes.
  6. Running Stairs-This is a great exercise to improve your strength and power.Stairs have many benefits. They engage more leg muscle and increase vertical jump. Take up the stairs like Rocky, and you will be your own champion.

Gymnastics demands that you train your strength as well as your aerobic endurance. It helps to avoid injury and allows the gymnasts more challenging and longer routines. Serious gymnasts perform conditioning exercises every day. To make their routines more unique, they set them to their favorite music.