7 Book Loving Methods to Celebrate National Book Month

According to National Book Foundation, October’s National Book Month is October. It’s all about celebrating books in the 12 months. As you can probably tell, I love reading! I am passionate about authors and helping them succeed. It’s a great way to honor and recognize the authors in you life. What are some ways you will celebrate? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Join a Book Club.It’s a great place to celebrate books and literary friends. In a book club you will meet new friends as well as fellow readers of your favourite books. Clubs usually choose a book to read each month and discuss it. Join a bookclub to improve your reading habits and each month read a lovebook.
  2. Read together.This month is a perfect month for encouraging the whole family read. Select one to two chapters, or even three, to read aloud. This was what our family did for many decades. We treasure the memories we made together through reading. Reading together as families will spark our imaginations. Even though our kids have passed, my husband still reads with me. In recent years we have begun to write together. We started reading together as a whole family, which I believe is how it all began.
  3. Swap your books.Swap your books in a group. Bring along books that you are fond of but haven’t touched in years. Make sure to swap the books between you when you meet. You can arrange your book swapping by creating a sign-in/signout list. Or you could use the honor method. A group of close friends bought the books I had for sale at an event. Each bought the main book they wanted. They swapped books later to continue reading the collection.
  4. Have a book-themed party.Everyone loves a reason for partying. You can have a book-themed party. This event is ideal for authors, as well book clubs, writers groups, or even indie publishers. Invite your book lovers friends and your not so book loving friends. Everyone loves a good party, and you might be the one who has a secret passion. It’s important to provide tasty refreshments and snacks. Be sure to have plenty of books for your guests to browse. It might be a good idea to host the party at your local library and bookstore. Give support to local authors by inviting them to give a talk on their work, and the value of reading. Relax and have some fun with whatever book party you choose.
  5. Buy a book.Give back to the literary community. Get the book you’ve been meaning to buy but never did. Take some time to relax, and you can read your favorite novel. I’m currently reading Jane Austen classics. O.k..I am an unashamed little girly-girl. Treat yourself and get an eReader. This month is a good opportunity to purchase an iPad, Nook or Kindle. Two years ago, my Kindle enabled me to read more books than I normally did in a calendar year. I now think about which book I will read this year and what I will read next month. I scan the Kindle and PDF formats of books I’m interested to read when I spot them. I found that many of my older PDF books are compatible with my Kindle, even though they weren’t formatted specifically for the eReader.
  6. Get a book for your friend.I still get excited when I get a book as gifts. What about you? Do you like getting a great book for Christmas? Even though it may be a book I haven’t read yet, Technology has made it possible to access books in a more accessible way. Every book I wish to read seems to be available online thanks the eReader technology. I mean, I don’t see why I shouldn’t if I can get it so quickly and easily. Add a book gift to your celebration for a friend.
  7. Assist an aspiring writer.Do you know an aspiring author friend or colleague? Encourage them as they embark on their book writing journey. Get the book from their favorite author and gift it. Get them the eReader of their choice or an upgrade for their current device. You can show your support and invest in their training, or computer system. Buy their seat in any writing course, online and offline.

Enjoy the month celebrating books. Rediscover the joys of reading. Recall that a book can take you on a journey, meet new people or help you train. Happy Book Month