Advantages of Hand Held Laser Cleaner

1.Range of rust junking The general ray cleaner machine fixes the work piece on the workbench for rust junking. It can only clean small and portable work pieces, which has certain limitations, while the handheld ray rust junking machine can clean. Those corridor that aren’t easy to move and corridor in small corners. Effective way is to use hand held laser cleaner for this purpose.

  1. Flexible rust junking The handheld ray rust junking machine cleans the work piece in a fairly straightforward manner. For illustration, some dead corners aren’t conducive to rust junking, while the handheld rust junking outfit can clean the work piece under the control of the hand, and some dead corners are also It can be derusted and gutted flexibly.
  2. Rust junking effect The handheld fiber ray cleanser has the same effect as the ordinary ray drawing machine.
  3. Fastening and rust junking When drawing uneven work pieces, the head of the handheld fiber ray cleanser can acclimate the focus up and down for drawing to produce a invariant cleaning effect.
  4. Reduced size A ray drawing machine is generally a fairly large machine, fixed in one place, handheld ray rust junking machine, as the name suggests, is accessible to carry, you only need to carry it on body when you use it to start the rust junking work, It’s veritably accessible to move.
  5. High safety The ray can be transmitted through optic fiber, cooperate with the robot to realize long- distance operation, and can clean complex corridor that are delicate to reach by traditional styles. This point also makes the safety of drivers more secure in some dangerous places. It can be equipped with automatic outfit to realize automatic cleaning.
  6. Simple operation The handheld ray rust junking machine is easy to operate, and some inexperienced beginners can also try to use it.
  7. Cheap price The handheld ray rust junking machine is cheaper than the large ray drawing machine.


 How to Choose The Ray Clean Machine

Buy CNC has ray drawing machines with a variety of powers, ranging from 100 watts to thousands of watts, similar as 50w, 100w, 120, 200w, 350, 500w, and 1000w Ray cleaning machines. Different powers handle different work pieces else. The lesser the power, the better the rust junking effect. In addition, Buy CNC can give you with some professional rust junking results. The 50W ray clean machine can simply deal with the floating rust on the essence, the medium power machine can deal with the rust sub caste on the essence, for the more delicate rust, a 1000W Ray clean machine is demanded, but the 1000w one Ray clean machine is still rare in the request now, because the price is fairly high and the use is fairly small. At the best price, if you want to get hand held laser cleaner just Go Here. The price of ray derusting outfit is still related to the power and model. The model and power are different, and the performance and price of the outfit are also different. Its price ranges from knockouts of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The specific price still depends on the selection of the outfit.