Bounce House Rentals Providing Entertainment

Since years, bounce houses provide entertainment for children at parties, fairs, and in their backyards. Inflatable houses are ideal for children’s birthday parties. The inflatable houses can be rented with a range of themes, including dancing and sports. Only your imagination can limit the bounce house possibilities. The hourly rental of bounce houses is available for special events. It includes delivery, installation and de-installation bounce house for birthday party.

It is available in dry and wet versions. This inflatable slide will entertain everyone, from kids to adults. Inflatable slides or bounce houses can make any backyard party a memorable one. Combining a water slide and a pool, slip-n–slide, or even a jumper with a bounce house is a great idea. An inflatable bounce house that has more activities and adventures is best for older children. Choose an inflatable that can be used for basketball, baseball, and other sports. The inflatable basketball court can be used by both children and adults to practice their NBA skills, jumping and dropping the ball. Learn how to reverse jam and use 360 windmills to practice for the next NBA-dunk contest.

Parents who worry about safety should remember that bouncehouses are intended to offer a safe environment, but accidents and injuries do sometimes happen. You can hurt your child on the swing set just like you can injure your child. However, watching your children laugh and smile can make it worth the risk.

Choose a water slide, slip-n–slide, or water slide to escape the summer heat. Nothing can beat sliding down a slippery slide in the middle the summer. Inflatables are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and themes. These inflatables allow kids to channel their inner Michael Phelps, by sliding into a pool filled with cool, refreshing water. You can use each slide and inflatable in both dry and wet conditions. If you’re planning on a water adventure and the weather is less than ideal, consider using the slide or inflatable to provide the same level of fun.

The obstacle course is an inflatable bounce house that is extremely popular. This inflatable lets kids navigate a maze filled with diagonal and up-down obstacles. Pre-paid excitement for four hours is included with each inflatable rental. You can buy additional time for an additional charge. Residents outside of the metro may have to pay additional delivery and set-up costs. Call us today to book your bounce house rental and start planning the perfect party for your child.