Create a Positive Work Environment – Joy at Work Book Review

Adults spend most of their waking hours at their jobs. For some, this can be 40 to sixty hours a week. The vicinity one spends maximum in their adult existence have to not be an area where she or he feels beneath preferred and undervalued. They need to not dread going to their task each day. Work should be a joyous, a amusing experience in a superb working surroundings. This is the basis of writer Dennis W. Bakke’s, country wide bestseller Joy at Work.

Dennis W. Bakke has a passion to “make work interesting, rewarding, stimulating, and exciting.” (thirteen) Joy at Work is a completely unique effective work environment book that lets in readers to redefine the cause of a employer. Bakke believes that enterprise profit have to now not be the primary cause for running a corporation. When pinnacle executives have a look at their employees, many view them as collateral and fee them for the quantity of money they make their business enterprise. According to Bakke, this unfortunate attitude can purpose employees to experience undervalued and unfulfilled in their paintings and result in an unsatisfying work surroundings.

Bakke believed that corporation values need to be greater than the way for making a great earnings. At best, profit must be a secondary goal. When earnings turns into the sole cognizance of an business enterprise, there’s a temptation to make personnel into stepping stones. It is tempting for a company owner or manager to see how lots paintings they could squeeze out in their employees for the smallest amount of value. However, if the focus of a employer’s organizational conduct is on employee success, that means, and accomplishment. The well being of the employee outlook and productiveness may additionally boom, which creates a superb work surroundings. Bakke conveys a completely constructive, corporation – worker attitude.

He believes that an company is greater than the sum of its profits. The nice of lifestyles of a organisation’s employees should be a primary consciousness and the worker’s career development. Joy at Work examines the fulfillment and fun that can be discovered in a work vicinity (thirteen).

Bakke claims that his book, Joy at Work is one of the few Employee of the month  commercial enterprise books now not written for pinnacle executives. This e book if for folks who are bored and annoyed at their process, for commercial enterprise college students, experts, managers of all ranges, and for anyone who is inquisitive about how to create a nice paintings environment.

However, for subordinate personnel in a agency, there is not lots he or she can do to directly integrate Bakke’s thoughts into their place of work different then to introduce those organizational modifications and ideas to control. Changes to the paintings surroundings are as much as a organization’s management, executives and the upper degree management to change the tradition of a given employer. He is proper in saying that this e book is useful for commercial enterprise students in understanding organizational conduct troubles and options. They can discover ways to create a amusing paintings environment as they are trying to begin their personal companies in the future. Bakke also mentions that Joy at Work is a superb useful resource for religious and nonprofit organizations to apply whilst worried in commercial enterprise endeavors.