Dangerous Poison Cover-Up Over Water Quality Issues – What to Do to Protect Your Health

Do you think the U.S. has water quality issues? About a week ago I was searching on the web for contaminated water sites in the U.S. and up popped this headline that says VET SAYS SKIN CANCER LINKED TO LEJEUNE WATER.

The water in this article is located at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune. The water was drunk at the base between 1981 and 1984. A woman also says she has Former residents at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeunelymphoma from drinking the same water when she lived near Lejeune while her husband was stationed there. She says water quality issues concerning contamination caused her health problems including cancers, reproductive disorders and birth defects.

Sadly this is just one if the many poisoned-water cover-ups in American history. Others in Brooklyn, Niagara Falls, Massachusetts, Hinkley (California), Woburn Former residents at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune(Massachusetts), and Washington, D.C. have also made headlines. In all instances toxic substances were in the water supplies of American citizens.

For years health officials have made claims that the water was contaminated, but it posed no danger to the Marines and their families.

We take for granted our water supplies are free from contaminates, or at least by the time the water gets to our faucets it is healthy for us to drink, but that is not the case. Former residents at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune To protect yourself and your family from consuming toxins you need to install a home water filter.

Look for filters that use more than one media type to purify your water. Having a combination of filters ensure you of removing all contaminates for your water. The system I use combines a carbon filter with a sub micron and multi block filter, along with an ion exchange.