How To Decorate a New Construction Home

So, today I am going to show you how to paint an accent wall. I have always thought glass dome cloches were beautiful and love how they highlight special treasures. They turned out so beautiful and were easy and inexpensive. One of the easiest ways to decorate for Christmas is to swap throw pillow covers on the sofa or bed. Choose velvet in shades of red or green or cover your pillow in an embroidered Christmas tree motif like this one from Emily Henderson Design.

Or use battery-powered twinkle lights in spots where there are no electrical plugs handy. One holiday I hung a pretty seasonal quilt over the headboard in our guest room. It looked great…until my sis told me it fell on her head and startled her in the middle of the night. – it wasn’t really the best place to put that particular piece of decor.

Greenery and flowers are such a wonderful addition to winter decor when it’s all gloomy and dark outside. Here’s how to decorate a mantel with a tv over it for Christmas. Adding a little holiday touch to each room is such a fun part of the season. If you’ve got kids, pets, or a tiny space, you want to make sure that you consider the use of the space before adding decor. The next challenging task will be decorating your new house… Specifically, you can use wall shelves as alternative storage for standing cabinets. On the other hand, you can switch from using standing lamps to wall-mounted LEDs.

Know when to stop pinning and start doing.

“Ensure that your background appears professional, creative, and speaks to the person you are,” she adds. As you are choosing a vendor, look for one that tries to keep their trees as fresh as possible. It is typical for the trees to have been harvested and shipped a few weeks before they are displayed. To be sure you are getting the freshest tree possible, consider that unwrapped trees should be stored in the shade or in a cooler to remain fresh. Scotch, Douglas, Balsam firs as well as White pine, have naturally good needle-holding qualities, while spruce trees tend to lose needles quickly. The sap on the tree stump should be sticky and moist, not hard or caked.

Explore bringing in a variety of lighting options, from fairy lights and candles to string lights and lanterns, to find the perfect glow for your space. Mixing different types of lighting adds depth and interest to your décor, ensuring a cozy and inviting ambiance. Maybe you have a great surface for a candelabra, a stairwell screaming for curtain lights, or flameless candles on side tables. I’m sure these are helpful tips for people who are into home decor and like pinterest. I know what I like when I see it, bu have zero ability to create it myself.

Decorate the Piano

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Offset heavier or larger elements with clusters or vignettes of smaller decorations to create a big impact without overwhelming the room. In addition to items that are strictly decor, don’t forget to bring in some festive functional items into the mix like a throw or pillow, a nutcracker, or a tree-print table runner. Options like this Expression Pillow Cover can put you in the holiday spirit without being too on the nose. Turn a holiday collection of anything from tableware to figurines into a special holiday display for an easy way to decorate with what you already have while enjoying your favorite holiday decorations. Inspired By Charm decorated a vintage glass-front wall cabinet with a stash of Christmas ribbon of various types to create a personal display with nostalgic vibes.

This is where I share decorating tips and easy DIY projects with lots of color and a little bit of glam. And the goal is to inspire you to use your own creativity to transform your house into a home you love. After making these Grinch cupcakes, this Grinch bingo game and this Grinch wreath, I decided to keep going on the How The Grinch Stole Christmas theme and decorated a Grinch Christmas tree for my office. With lots of cute ornaments and a Grinch tree topper, you’re sure to find some Grinch Christmas tree ideas you can use. Are you looking for an amazing holiday decoration but don’t want to break the bank? These giant jingle bells will give your holiday décor a nostalgic touch!

Make a farmhouse style version with a tomato cage and chicken wire. A simple way to decorate any room is to line the periphery with simple garlands, like this living room from Brexton Cole Interiors that is draped with identical faux garlands for a cohesive feel.

You can go all out with Christmas-colored or themed throws and pillows. Or you can be a little more subtle and just add heavier fabrics in deeper colors for the winter months.