How to Get From Ulaanbaatar to Karakorum Mongolia for 7 Dollars

Both Beijing and Erenhot provide international coaches to/from Zamyn-Üüd. In general, Mongolia has a relatively sound transportation system for either getting into the country or getting around after going there. Visitors can enter the country by air, train or bus, and travel around by air or road. No direct non-stop flights or trains are available between Guangzhou and Chifeng. You can take a flight from Guangzhou to Hohhot and transfer a Hohhot to Chifeng, with the whole flying and transferring of about 7-10 hours. The most convenient way is to take a 2.5-hour long high speed train from Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station to Chifeng Railway Station.

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They are just as much intrigued about you, as you are about them. Despite a language barrier, the people will go out of their way to help you, make you feel welcome, feed you, and make sure you are comfortable for the night. We experienced nothing but kindness from our host families across the entire country. One family even went as far as moving out of their bedroom ger to make room for us for the night. This festival has even been dubbed the ‘Mongolian horse racing festival’, for the number of horse races that take place; from wee babies riding horses, to fully grown adults.

Attractions within the park include the Yestii Hot Springs and the glacial lake of Khagiin Khar, whose surrounds are home to brown bears and around 250 bird species. Although yurts may be thin on the ground, there are several important museums worth reserving time for, including the National Museum of Mongolia and the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum. Other sites include the Chinese-style Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan and Gandantegchinlen Buddhist monastery. There are so many incredible places to visit when traveling or backpacking in Mongolia.

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In winter and spring there are no many tourists travelling around. If you like to do trek, horse riding and adventure jeep safari, then best time would be summer and autumn season. Getting to Mongolia is relatively easy and can be done by train or by flight. Majority of visitors to Mongolia enter through the Chinggis Khaan International Airport,which is located just outside Ulaanbaatar. The airport only caters to nine international carriers, and receives flights from Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, and Seoul. Travelers from other countries will need to get a connecting flight to one of those places in order to get their flight to Mongolia. Travel visas for tourists traveling through one of the six places with flights to Mongolia do not require visas, as long as they are merely transiting through the airport, and not stopping in that country.

Click here to price out travel insurance for your trip in just a few clicks. With 10 Days in Mongolia, I’d keep the above 2-week itinerary almost the same except I’d cut Hustai National Park and spend one less day in the Gobi Desert and one less day in Ulaanbaatar. When it comes to what to see in Mongolia, one popular activity is a day tour of the giant Genghis Khan Statue, Terelj National Park, and Aryabal Temple. On the first night of my homestay, I was welcomed with a feast that included beshbarmak, a Kazakh dish of boiled meat like mutton and horse as well as thick flat noodles. The name translates to “five fingers” in Kazakh, referring to the traditional way of eating the dish with one’s hands.

These are some of the best places to visit in Mongolia, and the following suggestions can help you really maximize your time in each spot. You’ll also want to pre-book a driver for getting to and from the airport in Ulaanbaatar, as the drive takes about 1-2 hours. There are also ride-hailing apps like UBCab, though when I tried to use it it required a Mongolian phone number. Alternatively, you can hail a cab on the street by sticking your arm out or call a taxi company to order a car and ask for the driver’s license plate number and arrival time. The best time to travel to Mongolia depends on where you plan to go, what you plan to do, and your ability to handle extreme heat and cold. Something really unique about Mongolia is it only receives about 66,900 tourists per year, meaning you can still have a very authentic experience that isn’t watered down to appeal to the masses. There is only one direct flight from Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport in Hailar District to Chifeng Airport in the early afternoon daily, with the whole flying of about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

We also have plenty of travel advice, accommodation reviews, and activity suggestions. You essentially need to do a tour as there is almost no internal transportation infrastructure. This means independent travel is virtually impossible unless you provide your own vehicle and know where to go without roads. Tours vary in price depending on the length of the trip, the number of people, the comfort level, and the tour company you book through. It does require some flexibility as you need to find a group going to the places you hope to see in the same time frame you’re hoping to take. Every hotel, hostel, and guest house in Mongolia will either organize their own tours or hook you up with a tour company.

If you’re interested in an Ulaanbaatar City Tour or visiting theChinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, or something else, just let me know. After breakfast at the guesthouse, we’ll drive to meet the local herder who will be leading us on this 2-day trek. We’ll ride through open fields, craggy mountaintops, forested hillsides, lush river valleys, boggy marshlands, and by plenty of water sources. We’ll spend the night living with and getting to know a nomadic family along this adventure. You’ll want to either bring your own tent, or see if you can stay in a ger camp located in the park. This one is best in the summer – the flights out there will be easiest and most frequent.

It will be hot, however, never too hot expect the noon hours. Hulunbuir will then become a popular place to escape the summer heat in the city. Mongolia is an idyllic destination for cultural and adventurous travelers. But it isn’t until you arrive and discover the must visit places in Mongolia that you truly understand the multitude of once-in-a-lifetime-experiences this nomadic country has to offer. These are five most popular destinations why every traveler needs to visit.

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The landmark is the driving road by the beautiful Morigele River, where you will get the best view of the grassland, river, sky, hills in a distance and the moving animals and shepherds. Other parts from the grassland are also appealing, and it is really a great experience to enjoy driving tours along the road in between the grasslands.