Howling Clincii Waterfall in Romania

The Howling Clincii Waterfall is one of the best-known natural landmarks in Romania.

The waterfall, which is a symbol of a mourning woman, is easily accessible from Bucegi Natural Park. There are several trails that lead to the waterfall, including one marked with a red dot. It is a lovely, scenic walk between mountains, but be aware of the slippery rocks and bears that live nearby.

Howling Clincii Waterfall is Romania’s most popular natural landmark

The 16.4-yard (15-meter) cascade is located in the Bucegi Mountains near Brasov. It gets its name from the roaring sound of the water as it crashes against the rocks. Although it is close to the city of Brasov, you can still enjoy an adventure by hiking up to the waterfall.

Visitors will find the waterfall to be very beautiful, as well as a perfect place to relax in nature. The waterfall is located in the Maramures region, which is one of the most scenic regions in the country. If you are looking for an easy-to-access location for your vacation, you can choose the Howling Clincii Waterfall.

It is easiest to get to from Bucegi Natural Park

Howling Clincii Waterfall is located at the outer edge of Bucegi Natural Park, a vast, 81-acre area that contains many protected reserves. The area also features monasteries, memorials, Calator in Tara Mea and ski resorts. The park is beautiful year-round and offers a variety of hiking tours.

The park has many waterfalls, but the Howling Clincii Waterfall is the most popular. It is accessible even for kids as young as three. Depending on the season, the waterfall is sometimes dangerous. To avoid any accidents, be sure to take appropriate safety precautions.

If you’re planning on spending a day at Bucegi Natural Park, be sure to plan ahead. It is 90 minutes from Bucharest. The park has many attractions, including hiking trails and huts. The park is relatively easy to navigate, with clear signs.