Indoor Electric Grills – Cleaning and Care

Grillers and electric indoor grills are extremely practical and are able to cook delicious, healthy meals. But, depending on the food you’re cooking, your grill could become messy. This is why I’ve put together a collection of tips and tricks to help keep your grill spotless and through this, prolong the life of your grill.

The first thing to note is that there are some safety concerns that you must be aware of:

Before cleaning an electric grill in the indoor space be sure that the grill is not plugged in grill cleaning brush.

Do not immerse your indoor electric grill in water.

Protect any wires or connections exposed even those that are encased in aluminium or plastic – away from water. Always check all electrical connections on a regular basis to ensure that the wires are not damaged or frayed.

Furthermore, since every indoor electric grill has its own unique characteristics be sure to read the directions from the manufacturer for further precautions and suggestions.

One thing you can do before cooking to assist later in cleaning is to apply olive oil on the grill plates using a paper cloth or brush prior to you begin cooking. This will stop cooking food particles from adhering to your grill.

In no particular order, we present a collection of tricks and tips that will assist you in keeping your grills, grillers , and griddles fresh and clean:

Use a spatula or a spoon to loosen up the pieces as it’s still hot. Then dry it off using a paper towel.

If the grill is warm, carefully wipe off any grease using clean paper towels. Once the grease is cleaned away then apply a bit greater pressure to rub the burnt-on food. While it may require a bit of effort, if your nonstick finish is in good shape it is a breeze to clean off from the grill in an indoor. If the mess isn’t easy to remove with a sponge, make use of heated soapy water moisten the surface. The soapy water should soften the food that has been burned for at least 30 minutes. Then, using pressure, clean it using a dry towel. The paper towel that is dry is superior to an abrasive or sponge that is damp after the food has become soft.

After you’ve used warm soapy water cleanse the outside of your electrical grill in the indoor space, clean it using a fresh but soapy dishrag. Even if the grill isn’t submerged with water for a long time, it can be clean with this method. Clean it one more time using a dry, clean paper towel. You can also take extra attention to the protrusions as well as the lower and upper edges that surround the grill. These are places where food and grease are likely to build up. In the end, use a sponge or dishrag to wash away soap and any other debris. Rinse the dishrag, then make sure to ring it out several times to make sure that the soap has gone. In the event that it is not cleaned, the next food cooked on the indoor electric grill could taste like soap.

For areas that are hard to get rid of, make an aqueous paste from baking soda, water and then apply it on the affected area, and let it the paste sit for a few minutes. After that, wipe it off using a non-abrasive fabric. Baking soda is not abrasive. it can generally get rid of cooked-on grease easily and removes bacteria.

Don’t use the abrasive cleaning pads or scratching pads on the non-stick grill. These products can harm the non-stick surfaces of the grill plates, and cause scratches on the exterior and inside of your grill.

Pour a towelful of paper towels into the dishwashing liquid and put it on the grill, then use your spatula to rub the spot gently. If that fails then try using a small amount of cooking oil…grill heated.

If you don’t have a non-stick grill, wash it using vinegar and water as well as a paper towel.

You can clean the drip tray as well as the spatula made of plastic on the highest rack in your dishwasher. Don’t wash these items in the lower rack of your dishwasher as they could be damaged.

There is a special George Foreman grill sponges. The sponges are priced at five dollars per three and four, and they are available at Target as well as Bed, Bath and Beyond or wherever you want to purchase grills.

Place a small glass of water on the grill while it’s still bubbling. The water will splash a little and you should close the lid following the pouring of the water. Take a damp paper towel and clean the grill, both on the top and bottom.

There are times when food or fats can get under the grill, but not all go into the catchers for drips. You can solve these issues by placing the aluminum Foil on the bottom of the cooking plate . Spray the foil with non-cooking spray. Then, you can shape the foil so that it hits the drip catcher, thereby removing the mess on the counter. After cooking is finished remove the foil and wipe clean the cooking surface and that’s all there is to it.

After taking your food off the grill and it’s still warm, place a couple of layers of moist paper towels on the bottom to cover the entire plate. Close the lid. Make sure that the catching tray is in the machine because the water of the towel will be able to run away. The grill’s heat creates steam from the paper towels that are wet. The steam loosens the food oils and bake-on foods. After eating, take your paper towels off, and then wipe the grill’s surface clean with another towel, wet cloth , or sponge.