Insurance Agency Websites and Your Unique Agency Value Proposition

A fully functional online presence has become a required asset that every agency should possess. By having a website, you enable your agency the ability to offer your products and services to prospects and customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Today, a website has to be more than just a business card on the web. It needs to have a complete offering that includes automated customer self-service and informational resources that repeatedly hold the visitors interest.

Beyond Quoting, Offering Customer Self Service

Do you remember walking into an airport Web Design Kerry and waiting in long ticket counter lines? If so, you have seen firsthand how technology has changed the way consumers interact with business. Less than ten years ago, as you entered an airport, long lines greeted you at the ticket counter. Now you are welcomed by self-service terminals that offer a quick check-in experience speeding multiple customers through at a fraction of the time. No longer do you need to speak to a customer service agent, you can simply do it yourself. Not only does it expedite the customer, self-service lowers the employee resources required by the business.

This trend of customer self-service has begun to spread to every industry, including insurance. It began with online quote requests, via an online form. Next was the introduction of online rating. Recently, companies began offering customer self-service options to compliment the online quoting. These options included online payments and policy self-service.

What started with the carriers has now migrated down to the agents themselves. Whether it be the ability to request an ID card, report an accident or remove a vehicle, your website must offer the customer the ability to service their policy directly. Like the airline industry, this automation of your customer service will appease the consumer’s desire for quick service while lowering the overall resources required by your agency.