Les Stroud Temagami Blade – New for 2012

The Les Stoud Temagami blade has been available for quite a while and has been a gigantic hit with bushcrafters and survivalist, but Les Stroud and Helle have refreshed the Temagami blade for 2012 for certain little yet striking changes.

History of the Temagami Blade

The story goes that Les Stroud found a Helle blade on the woodland floor when he was traveling across the Temagami timberland in Canada. The blade that he found was fairly worn and accordingly the producers name was as of now not apparent. Les sued that blade on the remainder of his trip in the Temagami and the blade immediately turned into his number one. He kept involving that blade for quite a long time until the backwoods again recovered it.

The Norway based organization Helle heard benchmade knife the story and through the depiction of the blade, immediately understood that it was as a matter of fact a blade bearing their image. Their organization reasoning and that of Les fit quite well and in this way the association was conceived.

2012 Updates to the Temagami

The new Temagami blade is similarly as the first for certain slight upgrades and changes. The new blade presently has a slighty changed handle to give more control while involving it in various positions. Another striking change is the shortfall of the finger chiol on the top spine of the blade. The choil was initially planned as a holding help for cleaning game anyway the new handle shape precludes the requirement for that element.

Temagami Blade Audit

The Les Stroud Temagami Blade might seem to be a gatherers thing however it is however practical as it could be stylishly satisfying. The Temagami blade has a shaving sharp triple overlaid treated steel edge. The actual edge measures in at 4.25 inches and has a slanted edge. The steel on this blade makes it so costly. The carbon steel center that is triple overlaid with treated steel gives you a ultra solid blade that will keep and sharpen to a well honed edge.

The actual blade is 9 inches generally and weighs simply 5.4 ozs – incredibly light weight. The handles are made of a wavy birch treated for 48 hours in linseed oil and afterward got done with a beeswax rub. This makes the handle extremely smooth and gives it enough foothold on the grasp so it doesn’t slip from your hand.

The Sheath of the Temagami is your standard Scandinavian style sheath that holds the blade with practically no snaps or lashes. The sheath can be utilized on either the right or left half of the body.

The Les Stroud Temagami Blade is an extraordinary purchase for those that partake in the outside and need a ultra dependable edge. This high quality blade is perfect to take a gander at as well as use. On the off chance that you are searching for a sharp blade that can deal with nearly anything, pick the Les Stroud Temagami Blade. It is certainly worth the cost.