Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler to Avoid Chaos at Hospitals

You know it becomes too much chaos when the patients come in a body just because they were allotted with same timings? Said this, human medical staff at front desk are prone to commit such mistake of giving same time for doctor appointment to more than one patient. Time overlapping is one of the biggest problems to tackle and while allotting appointment schedule, human medical staff in hurry opd online and worry do not bother about what would happen when all those patients arrive on time and start eating up head. Overcoming all these issues, Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler (ODAS) has come up with its multi-functionalities to better medical management at health care center setup.

Before your human front office medical staff conk out and start giving vague answers to patients’ calls, it is high time to turn your medical office automated using ODAS, also known as Online Patient Appointment System. Specially designed system can not only help in day-to-day tasks that happen in medical center but also boost the revenue.

Online Patient Appointment System is the cream of the crop among all medical management software tools. This is because it has multiple roles and can serve as virtual medical receptionist. For instance, the system can be used as medical answering system wherein it can automatically pick up patients’ calls and answer them all. In addition, no caller would get any busy boring tone as all would be answered softly and calmly. The user can feed their own answers or statements according to their expertise. Multilingual option in this system would help communicating with foreigners (as patients) having mother tongue like Spanish, Chinese, French etc.

Another use of ODAS is patient reminder. Medical virtual receptionist can call patients and remind them about whatever the health care center owner wants. For instance, David the patient can be informed about his due visit (consultation) at health care center and George (another patient) can be informed about his schedule for blood test on coming Tuesday.

Many health care centers face revenue loss due to no-show cause patients. No-show cause patients are the ones who book their appointments to see the doctor but then arrive late or do not arrive at all consuming other genuine customers’ (patients’) time. ODAS has functionality of allowing patients to book their appointment in prior but with consultation fees. Simply put, it is a kind of prepaid appointment where the patients have to pay fess in advance and it would save revenue as discussed above.