Ormus gold and the Spiritual Evolution of Man

Ormus or Mstate elements became a popular scientific term after David Hudson discovered an unusual material in the soil that he had on his land. He had it analysed. He initially brought a few pieces of the material to test and then laid them in the sun. As it dried, suddenly there was light and the material disappeared. He found another specimen, but didn’t take it to the sun. This sample made its way to the research lab without incident ormus gold.

The laboratory found that soil contained several minerals, such as silver, gold, and iron. However 98 percent of original material was left after all elements were removed. He was able to take it from lab one to lab and learn more about the substance. He found out that it was a solid until the temperature reached 70 degrees. It then lost its material form. The material returned once the air had cooled.

Yet, it was strange to note that even though the metallic elements appeared they didn’t behave like the metals. David saw that the magnetic force of gold and iron was evident, as well as other anomalies, which indicated that they were different from their metal counterparts.

To find out more, he turned the findings over to Hal Puthoff a quantum-physicist. After extensive research they discovered that Ormus was actually a semiconductor, which resonated well with the basic energy force of the universe from which all living things begin. It can be found in all aspects of nature: in the air and water, as well as in stones, plants, and sea. It can even be found inside our brains. Hudson was convinced that Ormus was the philosopher’s Stone and started believing it.

Ormus metals include cobalt (nickel), copper, ruthenium and palladium as well as silver, osmium and iridium. They are precious metallics in a state that is not metal. They can’t easily be identified in M-state so they must be converted to metallic.

Scientists discover more about Ormus ingredients every day. Some scientists, because it is in the brain, connect it to spirituality. Some people have unpleasant experiences. Others claim it helps them to see reality clearly or provides other benefits. It is still a very early stage, so we do not know all the details.

Why Outsource Colloidal Gold Manufacturing

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