So You’re Looking For That Perfect Camera Setup

I personally have always been interested in photography. I’ve used the old film cameras as well as the newer digital ones. Some of my results were awesome, but most of them, well let’s just say they left much to be desired. I was envious of folks like one of my neighbours who had numerous albums loaded with extraordinary photos. He was no professional photographer, but the results he displayed were just as appealing to look at. He had several shots of a common garden spider in its web. As I flipped through those photos reolink camera I was in awe of the spectacular results he had achieved. The background of lush green grass was slightly blurred, but the tiny crystal clear droplets of water glistening in the rising sun made the web appear that it was woven with a string of diamonds. Then there in the centre of it all, a brightly coloured black and yellow spider. Every detail of that spider was vividly displayed and even though I am no fan of spiders, I found myself drawn to that photograph. What was my neighbour’s secret? He used a good SLR film camera.

So if he could catch that kind of beauty in such exceptional detail with an SLR film system, just imagine what you and I can achieve with a personal SLR digital setup. Canon is the marketing leader in photography followed by Nikon. So either of them would be my camera of choice. If you are a beginner you will most likely want to purchase only the actual camera body since you will be able to rent the lenses and other equipment when an important occasion arises. However, if you are a more experienced photographer you might consider buying the entire system. This will include the camera body, several lenses, a flash unit, and various cords.

Only you can decide which camera is right for you. There are several brand names to choose from, and as you might expect, there are advantages and disadvantages to each brand. So shop around and do your homework; make sure you chose a system that will give you the advantages you want and disadvantages you can live with. Many of the lesser known brands may seem like a better buy on the surface, but finding the right, attachable lenses to fit these cameras will be difficult. You most likely won’t be able to rent them, so you’ll have to buy them, and they will be very expensive, if you can find them at all.