Soap Injection Is Becoming A Major Research Problem

One of the most important topics in my class Proposal Writing on Linguistics is the writing of statement of the Problem. What is statement of the Problem? First, it is a statement that there is an issue that needs to be described then to be addressed. Second, it provides the context for the research study and generates the question which the research aims or hopes to answer. Third, it is the focal statement point of any research providing the context for the research study and typically generating questions expected to answer.

What is a good statement of the problem?
A problem statement should be (1) able to catch the  readers’ interest Research Problem and (2) establish a persuasive context for what follows and (3) answer the following questions such as: What’s the problem? Why is this problem worth my attention? At the same time, the problem statement limits the scope by focusing on some variables and not others and it is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate why these variables are important.

The formulation
Statement of the problem constitutes a clear picture of the issues you need to resolve or improve through research; it is through the result of more in-depth review of the issues arising from the field that appears or looks in deep research report described in the background of the study so the formulation of the problem must be connected with the research background and the object of research, or in other words it has a common thread. The process of review of issues in the research background should also be accompanied by the search process if the issues have been discussed by the other party or not, if there has been any previous discussions or findings whether adequate or not that the problem still exists.

Where does a problem statement originate from?
A good problem originates (1) from a research question formulated out of observation of reality, (2) from a literature review and study of previous experience, experiment and research (which are a good sources of research questions that converted into statement of the problem. Many scientific researchers look at an area where a previous researcher generated some interesting results but they are never followed up. It could be an interesting area of research which nobody else has fully explored. The research question is formulated and then restated in the form of a statement that notes adverse consequences of the problem. The type of study determines the kinds of question you should formulate. Is there something that still exists in the society that need to be further studied or researched?