Step by Step Face Painting Guides For Non-Artists

Even the best of them had to learn their craft. Artists like Rembrandt had to learn the basics. If you want to learn the art of painting faces, there is also much to learn painting the human face, which is not a flat white canvas, so there lies the BIG difference. But with a step by step face painting guide, you can.

So you are Not a Gifted Artist

Everyone can draw but not all have the gift. But facepaint when it comes to painting faces, there is no reason why you cannot learn the art. All you need is a step by step face paint guide to show you the way. There are ready-to-use face painting kits to help you create fun face pictures for starters.

These instructional face painting guides are available in painting books and how-to-videos that show the basic steps. For beginners, these instructional guides are very useful and fortunately they don’t cost a fortune. Like the best of them, you will learn how to apply paint on faces and select brushes and paints. You can practice face paint creation on paper just to see how well you can swing it before you face a child’s face.

You might be surprised that you can actually do it by following the step by step face paint instructions from books and videos. For a pirate design, the guide will give you the number of colors to use and the tools needed to create an unshaven effect, an eye patch, bandanna, and an ugly scar for the fierce pirate look. Once you have achieved the desired look, you can conclude that even the simplest instructions can make you an artist.

Free Guides

The internet is a good source for free instructions to create facial painting designs, although not as good as a pro guide. The instructions are accompanied with pictures for each face painting and the choices are okay too.

You can get a step-by-step guide for creating green monsters, princesses, wild animals, and witches. Since face paint kits come with designs, you can get the effect illustrated in the free step by step face painting guides.


Face painting manuals and books are also great at providing easy-to-follow instructions and these have several clear pictures. These books were written by experienced painters and face painting artists who have been doing face painting for years.

Their combined experience and skill are worded in simple instructions to help a beginner create his first face painting masterpiece. Tips and techniques are also shared and these detailed techniques are the results of years of experience and training.