The New Apple iPhone 5 – Will You Be Buying One?

In this day and age, it seems as though every body on the planet has a smartphone of some kind. As more and more people find the need to rely on things such as GPS, Google and web browsing it simply makes sense to have such technology in our pocket everywhere we go.

The of these modern day smartphones is the iPhone 7 plus price in Nigeria Apple iPhone. Apple continue to improve this incredible phone and seem to bring out a newer version every few months, the next iPhone to be released is the iPhone 5.

There are so many rumors about the features that the iPhone 5 will have. A lot of people are saying it will have a 3D display similar to the new Nintendo 3DS. In my opinion it seems unlikely however Apple need to keep coming up with new features to actually warrant a new version.

Apple has the biggest market share by far when it comes to smartphones so they will no doubt want to stay ahead of the competition even though it’s not always the features that draw people to the iPhone.

Although it’s certainly true that there are a lot more challengers to the iPhone compared to a couple of years ago, they all seem to lack the coolness of the Apple iPhone.

Samsung is one of Apple’s main contenders and is actually a fairly good phone. It’s got just about all the functionality of the iPhone plus some many more features that are exclusive to Samsung.

However, one thing it hasn’t got is an Apple logo, which is actually a major attraction for many people. It’s crazy that so many folks don’t even care what the iPhone can and simply want it exclusively because it’s cool. Apple really have got an amazing marketing department and it’s something other companies can’t compete with.

Even in the event that Samsung released a new smartphone that featured incredible functionality that was far better than the iPhone, many consumers would still choose to buy the iPhone because it’s such a major status symbol all over the world.

Apple are always launching new versions of the iPhone so the 5th version will by no means be the last. Many people actually avoid buying the latest model simply because it will be out of date pretty quickly.