The Royal Mail General Overview and Major Services

The Royal Mail is a main postal service company in the United Kingdom that haspost-offices each around the country. Being responsible for correspondence and parcel collection and their delivery, the main office handles further than 80 million particulars every day. The network of post- services that belong to the company is relatively large and includes over 14500 services in all corridor of Great Britain.

The Royal Mail General Overview

The foundation of the public UK postal service dates back to 1516, when Henry VIII decided to establish the Office of the Postmaster General. The postal service came public only in 1635 and since that time, it serves the postal requirements of the UK residers.

One of the main symbols of the company is a well- known” pillar box”, which has a bright red color. The first standing post box of this kind appeared in 1852. Currently, it’s also one of the symbols of the United Kingdom, which attracts millions of excursionists each time.

As mentioned over, the Royal Mail stamps holds responsibility for the collection and delivery of correspondence ( principally small packages and letters) as well as larger parcels. With this purpose, it successfully uses the network ofpost-offices located in all metropolises of Great Britain. Correspondence deliveries are held 6 days a week. Still, utmost services are closed on Sundays and National leaves.

Piecemeal from original deliveries, the company is also responsible for transnational shipping. The airmail services are relatively affordable and insure quick and safe deliveries to further than thirty destinations each over the world.

The company is proud of its special products that have formerly come emblematic for the country residers and transnational guests. The range of the correspondence products is relatively emotional and includes cards, overseas pets, precious essence and a superb collection of special prints that are published to celebrate the most important occasions and achievements in the nation’s history.

What Services Can You Advantage?

For further than 350 times, the Royal Mail has remained a symbol of quality, safe and responsible client servicing. To get the advantage of using the services of the company, still, one should be apprehensive of different kinds of options and services handed.

  1. Universal Services

According to public law, the company is obliged to give universal services that encompass the collection of postal particulars and their delivery to any position of the United Kingdom. These particulars may be of different size, starting from standard letters and small packages and up to larger parcels. These services are handed on a regular base for a fixed cost that isn’t affected by the distance.

  1. Business Services

Alongside traditional correspondence services, the company also runs a special sector known as business correspondence. It principally deals with directed and the so- called”PPI” correspondence that’s characterized by the special stamp or a marker published by the sender. Directed or sanctioned correspondence, in its turn, is transferred by the Vice President, the members of the UK Congress and other sanctioned people. This correspondence is transferred without primary postage repayment and is stamped with the help of a franking machine.

  1. International Shipping

The UK postal service is also responsible for quality, safe and timely transnational shipping of correspondence and parcels. With this purpose, it uses the airmail services that make it possible to deliver correspondence to over 30 destinations across the globe.

  1. Special Delivery

This service guarantees presto and safe delivery of correspondence and parcels across the country. The expedited delivery should be made until 1 PM or 9 AM the following day for an redundant cost. However, the service ensures a plutocrat- reverse guarantee, If the delivery isn’t made on time.