The Symbolic Life: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

The fig tree, ‘Ficus carica,’ probable originated in Northern Asia in keeping with archeological fossil statistics. Spanish missionaries added it to america in 1520. Historical Sumerian pills report the use and consumption of figs in 2500 BC.

In Greek mythology, the fig figures prominently as a gift of Demeter to Dionysus and as having received the blessing and sanctity of the Greek Gods. Plato documented that Greek athletes at Olympia have been fed diets of figs to boom their going for walks velocity and general electricity. The figs contained up to 50% attention of sugar which become surely like feeding the athlete a candy bar.

The Jewish King, Hezekiah, become cured of a life-threatening plague by applying figs to the infected spot. 2 Kings 20 The Apostle, James, brother of Jesus, used the metaphor of the fig tree to describe an appropriate behavior that he predicted to observe from Christian residing. James three:12 Fig leaves have been used in the early church to hide the genitalia of nude, marble sculptures that embellished religious buildings. Fig bushes have been extensively utilized in historic records as color trees and to chop and use as short begin firewood.

Cooked figs had been used as sweeteners in historic instances and this practice remains used in many third global international locations in Asia Minor. The figs comprise over 50% sugar. Hybrid figs incorporate many hole, tiny seeds at the indoors of the fruit, similar in taste as the ones determined in blueberries and strawberries. A fig fruit has a round tiny establishing at the base of the fig referred to as an ‘eye.’ A tiny wasp flies into the indoors of the fig and pollinates the tiny plants lining the indoors partitions of the fig. These tiny seed are not normally digested through the belly and provide a great laxative impact to the elderly sedentary citizens. American hybrid figs do not require or receive pollination to be transformed into safe to eat fruit.

In harvesting the figs, it’s miles critical to pick out the fruit from the tree, when it’s far cây cảnh cổ thụ absolutely mature–typically whilst it sags, droops, and changes coloration. If the figs are taken from the tree in advance, the sweetness declines, but extra importantly, if the figs are eliminated in the juvenile developing state, a white milky fluid exudes from the stem, which is transferred to someone’s hands after which eyes or mouth, the fluid could be very nerve-racking and have to be washed away as quick as feasible.

One of the maximum well-known figs in the United States is the “Black Mission” fig tree, which was named after the California, Franciscan venture that dates returned to 1770, when it turned into planted there and cultivated on a commercial scale.

Perhaps the most well-known made from figs is the fig newton that makes use of dried figs located between curved, candy wafers and dispensed by Nabisco. In Europe, figs are accumulated from commercial fig tree orchards in which they’re sized, graded, and packed to promote as sparkling fruit at nearby markets. Figs are easily dried after harvesting from the trees, and numerous manufacturers are popularly bought during the arena, due to their prolonged shelf life in the United States, California is the largest manufacturer of figs and most of them are marketed as dried figs. In the South figs are boiled in sugar liquid, from time to time including strawberries and the ensuing fig preserves are eaten at some stage in the fall and winter months as fig preserves on hot buttered biscuits. The trees develop into picturesque specimens in many landscapes. The trunks are often whitewashed when younger so that you can preserve the sun from scalding the soft bark. The roots are full of life growers and could develop some distance faraway from the cover; however, trimming those roots does now not harm the tree.