The Top 6 Men’s Haircut Styles

The most sought-after haircuts for males include popular haircuts from last year and some brand new ones. The classic pompadour tops the pack of the most popular and effective haircuts for males this year. Following closely behind are slicked-back hair and side parted hair as well as the undercut along with the fader. We should not overlook that the importance of the beard when it comes to adding to a classic men’s hairstyles this season best clippers for fades.


While the pompadour started out as the most popular hairstyle in the 18th century of Europe, Elvis and James Dean made it pop over the top look for male hair when they made the iconic pompadour their trademark style during the 50’s. Nowadays, male stars are sporting the pompadour style , and these comprise Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, David Beckham, and Robin Thicke. The influence of pompadour is an essential of other styles for men like side parted hair as well as the cut-off.

The contemporary pompadour cut on top needs to be accompanied by shorter lengths on the sides and back cut short, but not too short that the scalp is exposed. A slight tapering of the edges will give a more defined form for the pompadour and also emphasize your facial hair. If you’re a man with a shorter or long beards, this is a option to show a rugged and masculine look. For those who have longer faces, a little more length can be maintained through the sides to highlight the face’s shape and balance both sides as well as the upper. This hairstyle is not for those who are lazy. The time required to style and maintain for this hairstyle is important because this hairstyle is very high-maintenance. You will need to put in some time to achieve your everyday hairstyle just right. Also, you may need to visit your stylist once every couple of weeks to have your hair removed.

Side Parting

The retro look of the traditional side parted haircut is evident most clearly within the AMC TV show Mad Men. Don Draper demonstrates this classic and masculine look so well as does the other characters of the show. The side parted version is simple to pull off for people with a smooth hair cut, by adding a long side part. This hairstyle is appropriate for any event and is formal enough to be suitable for weddings. Other celebrities that Don Draper who style their hair with an added section are Zac Efron Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Clooney.

The Undercut

The beginning of the year led to a new cut for males: the cut that is undercut. Hair cut with an undercut feels just as cool as it appears which is great for summer heat. All you have to do to get this style is request your barber to cut the sides longer than the length on top, and avoid cutting length too low in places where there is an oblique cowlick. For styling the look for people with hair that is thin you can simply use an air-dryer and small-tooth comb. If you have thicker hair You can ask your stylist to employ a flat iron as well as pomade for smoothing it. This cut keeps you cool through the summer long because it cuts off all lengths except for the top, giving you with the option to give the top hair a messy, spiky or slick look. The celebrities who have embraced this new hairstyle includes Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, David Beckham, Johnny Depp along with Adam Levine.

Taper Fade

The taper fade haircut has been embraced by famous people including hip-hop stars Drake, Ludacris, and P. Diddy, as also Shemar Moore. The haircut has been popular for some time now due to the fact that it’s among the hairstyles which can be made at home, but it isn’t suggested. In reality, all you require is an electronic hair clipper as well as attachment guides that allow you to have control over the length the cut, allowing you to create something that resembles an asymmetrical fade. If you’re seeking a sleek professional, professional cut with clean lines, we suggest that you let the barber or stylist cut your hair. Celebrities such as Drake, Ludacris, P. Diddy, and Shemar Moore have let their hairstyle experts take over, and you can witness the top-quality results from their haircuts.

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hairstyle is highly popular since the beginning of the year and seems to be going strong for males with thick, wavy or curly hair. Hairy men enjoy the high amount of clipping. This trend is likely to endure throughout the year, as a well-loved haircut for males. The style is similar to the style of undercut in that it is side and back that have been shaved and gives it the neat modern appearance that men are seeking this season. Celebrities who adore the slicked-back hairstyle are Alec Baldwin, Adam Lambert, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGreggor, David Beckham, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Elijah Wood, Jachary Quinto, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Beard

It’s important to mention that this year are definitely focusing on facial hair. If you have the facial hair to grow a long beard that is full and long and you are looking to grow it, we suggest you develop it. If your beard is drier or finer or the color is lighter and softer, then a beard could also be a good fit for you However, in these situations, it is recommended to keep your beard styled at 1/8″ or less. It is also possible to purchase an item that softens your beard, and helps prevent itching. The celebrities who have a beard in look are Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, Jeff Bridges, Keanu Reeves, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Chris Pine, Jason Sudeikis, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Brand, Ryan Reynolds, Rob Pattinson, Lenny Kravitz, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Rudd.

How To Achieve These Exciting Men’s Hair Styles

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