The Tree of Life

There are many times events in our life we find hard to explain or even understand while they are playing out in front of our eyes. Many times they are only partially understood and it may take many years before the total lesson is understood.

This was the case many years ago as I attended the funeral service of a friend of mine’s father. At first I wasn’t going to attend but decided to go at the last minute. My original intent was to only attend the service at the funeral home and not go to the cemetery.

Arriving at the service, several mutual friends Tree of Life were in attendance and when the service was over myself and three others decided to go to the cemetery. Driving to the grave site,I began to feel as though I wasn’t really living totally in the present reality. It was hard to explain, but I began to feel as though I was sensing more than what is normally sensed in normal living. I began to become more aware of other dimensions and realities.

As we walked away from the grave site, back to my van, an erie feeling overcame me, I sensed I was on another planet in a far off star system. I had encountered this before. I was in the Cirrus,or Dog Star galaxy. The Indiana corn fields had disappeared and had been replaced by a very stark, barren environment.

As we continued to the van, my friend and I began walking very close, our shoulders pressing heavily against each other, almost like we were trying to unite our bodies into one. As we walked, I noticed a very dense tree on our immediate left, it seemed out of place and I began to wonder what it was all about. It seemed to be the Tree of Life, but that meant very little to me at the time. I was indeed puzzled about the events that had just transpired as none of the other three participants seemed to be seeing the same visions as I had.

After much thought and meditation, I finally realized we had indeed passed the Tree of Life, but had no idea what the significance of the day’s events were. The only Tree of Life I had ever known of was in the Garden of Eden, and what I had just experienced was no Garden of Eden. I couldn’t even imagine what it all could mean.