The Truth About Mobile Platform Growth

SEO, smartphones Social Media Marketing, smartphones mobile websites, SEO and geolocation…all terms that are related with the notion that consumers spend more and more time using their phones on the go and this platform for mobile is set to experience massive expansion. Professional marketers and business owners need to understand and know how to implement strategies and technologies that aid to better understand the needs of their customers and provide relevant and relevant messages.

A lot of companies are slow in formulating a plan to integrate the mobile market into their general strategy. The entrepreneurs are still trying to determine the reason and how when the time comes to launching an app or a marketing campaign citizenship by investment.

Are you still not convinced? Check out the following interesting facts regarding the development of mobile marketing and the mobile marketing industry:

Why you should consider text ads

There are around 4 billion phones being used around the world. 1 billion of them are smartphones, and 3 billion are equipped with the capability of sending SMS.

SEO Is More Than a Desktop Priority

The majority of local searches are conducted on mobile devices. 2D barcodes or mobile tagging is becoming increasingly common and integrated into search processes.

A majority of consumers are considering using QR Codes and mobile scanners to redeem discount coupons instantly at the store.

Why mobile should be your primary Focus

Around 90 percent of people are using a mobile device while watching television.

How Many Americans Enjoy Social-Mobile Networks? Social-Mobile Network

Americans spend about 3 hours each day chatting on their mobile devices. They spend less than half that much time eating each day.

There’s a 12 per cent difference in the amount of socializing that is done on a computer as well as on mobile phones.

Facebook has more than 600 million active users. Nearly one-third of them utilize their Facebook Mobile application. The majority of the Twitter users utilize Twitter Mobile.

The 200 million views on YouTube are made on mobile devices every day.

Insisting on the rapid mobile marketing boom could lead to the demise of your business into bankruptcy. Certain industries are able to easily incorporate mobile advertising , and then seamlessly transition into a mobile-friendly website. Some require some imagination and creativity. It is a fact that mobile marketing has become an essential component of the overall strategy of marketing. Making a business plan or expanding a company without taking into account the current developments of the market is ineffective.

In comparison to traditional media Mobile marketing is very efficient in terms of cost. Advertisements can be highly specific and paired with websites with a lot of media. Marketing on smartphones of the eighty percent Americans who use them can alter your business’s perspective and help you develop your brand’s identity expand your market and boost profits. The growth of mobile platforms is predicted to be just as dramatic as the introduction of the Internet.

Bobby Freiler is a serial online entrepreneur in marketing and business who teaches and educates others to start businesses that make six figures using tested strategies and methods.