Top 5 Military Shirts

The military shirt is a great style for the casual man. Its iconic features, like gusseted patch pockets, remind many of a Saharan-style field jacket. The military shirt also looks good with jeans, cargo pants, and combat boots. This style of clothing harks back to the irresistible charm of the “man in uniform” that has inspired many iconic movies. In recent years, it has been worn by actors like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert De Niro, and by actors like Ryan Gosling in the role of Neil Armstrong in First Man.

Top Gun(r)

If you like the military look, you’ll love the Top Gun(r) military shirt! It features patches all around and is very durable. It’s also quite attractive. However, you should note that this shirt runs a bit small, so order a size larger than your usual one!

This movie franchise has been going strong for 36 years. Its latest installment, Top Gun: Bound By Honor, resurrects the legendary pilot Pete ” Bound By Honor” Mitchell. It’s like an infomercial for America. But that’s not all. The movie isn’t just about military prowess, it’s also about heroism. The military’s help in the movie’s production was immense.

Bound By Honor

This military shirt of Bound by Honor fastens with a button front, and features two flapped chest pockets. Its ribbed cuffs and collar add to its rugged appeal. Its buttons are also easy to pull down over the head. It is available in various colors and comes in a slim fit.

Inspired by army Veteran Shirts, this shirt is made from heavy-laundered cotton. The buttons are large and the patched design adds a distressed look. It is a versatile shirt that can be worn with jeans or chinos. It is a great choice for any occasion. It is available in Cargo Green and in S sizes.

This military-inspired shirt features a heavily laundered cotton base, a camp collar, long sleeves, and a chest pocket. This shirt is also made with chipped metal buttons and distressed edges. Made in East London, this brand is also known for its leather jackets and boho vibe dresses. The Bound by honor shirts is an understated but stylish addition to your wardrobe.


It also enhances the combat response time of a company. Its two-in-one design combines a shirt with armor inserts that are almost undetectable at first glance. The shirt features an innovative 4-way stretch fabric that enhances the performance and comfort of the wearer.

ACS’s improved design increases moisture vapor transmission and reduces heat stress. The sleeves are camouflage-printed and feature integrated anti-abrasion elbow pads. The shoulder panels and shoulders have flat-seam construction, and the sleeves and sides are fully machine-washable. The Type II ACS is a slightly more protective garment with a larger surface area.

The Army Combat Shirt is made of lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric that helps combat heat stress and is ideal for warm weather. The material blends polyester, cotton, and rayon for optimum performance and comfort.


The OCP military shirt by Propper is a great option for active-duty soldiers and fans of the military. It features moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties and an authentic look. It also has plenty of pockets, articulated elbows, and dual-layer stretch shoulders. The breathable, lightweight material also keeps the wearer cool.

The OCP military shirt is available in a variety of colors. You can find a t-shirt in coyote brown, the U.S. Army’s official color, and a short or long sleeved sleeve shirt with a navy or marine green design. It is also available in other colors like Navy and Coast Guard blue.

In addition, if you’re planning to wear the OCP military shirt, keep in mind that the shirts are darker than their Desert Sand counterparts. They’re also more closely matched to the new pattern. These colors are available for both the Air Force and Army. However, Coyote Brown will be available only on te Air Force uniform starting in June 2020.