Working with a Big Words Translation Company

There are many benefits to working with best Korea translation agency. In this article, we’ll look at some of these benefits. You can choose from Text Master, Lionbridge, Pactera Technology, Easternwest, and more. You can also get an idea of the different costs involved with working with a translation company before you decide on which one to use. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, there are some important differences as well.

Text Master

One of the leading translation companies online, Text Master is a highly reputable service with over ten thousand satisfied customers. The company has a strict selection process and quality control standards, which are continually evaluated to ensure that their work meets or exceeds customer expectations. As a member of the Accolade group since 2008, Text Master has been able to earn the trust of many different companies worldwide. In addition to offering excellent quality control standards, Text Master offers competitive pricing, which is usually around $0.09 per word.

The company also offers other language services, such as interpretation and localization. They have over 36 years of experience. While they do not offer rates on their website, customers are encouraged to contact them directly to obtain an estimate. Unfortunately, they do not offer live chat support or quote comparison tools. If you are interested in hiring a translation company, here are three things to look for when choosing a translation company. First, you need a company with a long-standing history of excellent service.

Pactera Technology

The pace of the translation industry has shifted from manual processes to automated process, and the language industry is no exception. Companies are investing in the latest technologies and are rethinking their business models to increase their competitiveness. With annual revenues of over $500 million, Pactera has become a global company with service areas in localization, technology, insurance, telecom, and travel. With 23 954 employees, Pactera is a global leader in localization and boasts a deep pool of external translation resources.

Pactera Technology International Ltd. (also known as Wen Si Hai Hui Ji Zhu You Xian Gong Si) is a global technology services company with regional offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Its global headquarters are located in Beijing, China. The company’s services span the entire world, and it provides language translation services to Fortune 2000 companies. Its services help companies improve business innovation, transform the user experience, and improve operational efficiency.


The company is looking to become the toughest cowboy in town. As a result, it has introduced an online CAT tool, called Translation Workspace, which translators can use for their own projects as well as for those of its clients. Unlike Logoport, Lionbridge’s Translation Workspace allows translators to manage a variety of content types without leaving their system. To learn more, check out the company’s webinar, which can be found on YouTube.

The company has been a longtime supporter of Translators Without Borders (TWB), and this year it’s strengthening its relationship. In addition, the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary and agreeing to be the first Sapphire sponsor. This shows how committed Lionbridge is to this cause and how it’s working to address the growing digital language divide. However, the company faces several challenges as it aims to grow its business.


As one of the leading translation agencies, Easternwest is well-equipped to provide a variety of services to clients in a wide range of industries. They offer a wide range of services including legal document translation, e-commerce localization, software localization, and financial calculation assistance. They also provide medical and promotional translation. Those looking for an affordable translation service should look no further than Easternwest. Their live chat service makes it easy to communicate with a representative in person.

While there is no live chat feature on the Easternwest website, customers can fill out the form to contact a project manager. Easternwest is a leading translation company with offices in several countries worldwide. Their team of native translators specializes in different fields and offer fast turnaround times. Their native translators are carefully vetted before being hired. The quality of their work is a key factor in their success, and they also offer competitive rates.